Scary Numbers to Call: 17 You Should Never Call

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Have you ever heard of “Scary Numbers to Call”? These are phone numbers that supposedly connect you with paranormal entities or cursed individuals.

While some people believe that these numbers are just urban legends, others claim to have had terrifying experiences after dialling them.

Now, you might be thinking: “Why would anyone want to call a scary number?” Well, for some, it’s just a thrill-seeking adventure. But for others, it’s a way to test their courage or even communicate with the other side.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most infamous scary numbers to call. We’ll explore the stories behind them, the potential risks of calling them, and the reasons why some people are still drawn to them despite the dangers.

So, whether you’re a sceptic or a believer, join us on this eerie journey and find out what makes these numbers so terrifyingly intriguing.

But beware: once you know them, you might not be able to resist the temptation to call them yourself.

Really Scary Phone Numbers That You Should Never Call

1. 666 666 6666 or 1-666-666-6666

For centuries, the number 666 has been associated with evil and darkness. From Christianity to modern pop culture; it is widely accepted as one of the most sinister symbols around.

In recent times, phone numbers starting with 666 or containing this particular sequence of digits have caused people to be wary about calling them.

Reports suggest that those who dialled these “scary numbers” experienced a variety of strange phenomena from creepy messages to mysterious noises coming from the other end.

Even worse, some folks were unable to find any records of their calls being made on their phone bills!

Given such horror stories, it’s no surprise that anyone in their right mind would abstain from dialling up these nightmare-inducing numbers like 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-66666.

2. 0888 888 888

This 0888 888 888 Bulgarian phone number has now become synonymous with tragedy and fear.

People are warned not to attempt to prank call this cursed number and even the bravest among us take precautions when dialling it out of curiosity.

Despite being inactive for years, many still consider it to be one of the scariest numbers due to its history and the superstitions that have been associated with it.

Those who decided to ignore the warnings were met with an eerie alert tone, a reminder of its tumultuous past that continues to haunt those brave enough to try phoning it today.

3. 090 4444 4444

The mysterious phone number 090-4444-4444 from Japan has been dubbed Sadako’s Number, and it is feared as a cursed line with potentially disastrous consequences.

The ‘four’ digits of the number hold special significance in Japanese culture due to their dual homophones – one meaning “shi” or death.

When dialling the infamous number, first you might be met with strange sounds or silence.

But it’s what may follow that should really send chills down your spine – rumour has it that those who are unfortunate enough to call the line will suffer a horrific misfortune within seven days.

Although there are no guarantees, most people hesitate to take up the challenge of prank calling this scary number for fear of eventual repercussions and expensive long-distance fees.

4. 000 000 0000

Are you feeling brave? Dialling the chilling number ‘000 000 0000’ will connect you with the spirit world.

Rumours suggest that if someone dares to phone this number, then a mysterious male voice on the other end of the line will demand fifteen calls from them or suffer dire consequences within 7 days.

Thankfully, this spooky tale is nothing more than an urban myth!

Although this cursed hotline allegedly allows people to contact their deceased loved ones, no living person should ever dare press these scary numbers as it could be mentally and emotionally damaging.

5. 407 734-0254

Calling 407-734-0254 will give you access to the darkest depths of mischief and misbehaviour. If you’re in need of a surprise prank or a visit from a truly mysterious clown, then Wrinkles is your go-to guy.

Hailing from Rhode Island, this daredevil vigilante has made his home in Naples, Florida and with one call he can turn any gathering into an adventure.

Reports have said that for just a few hundred dollars you can get Wrinkles to perform at your event or scare straight any wild children!

With no personal information known about this shadowy figure, it’s hard to say who he really is but calling his phone number may be your only way to find out.

Leave him a message and hopefully, he’ll get back with what secrets he may hold!

6. 646 868 1844

The area code 848-868-1844 based in White Plains, New York is part of a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system. This means that the owner of the number could be located anywhere.

If you decide to call this particular phone number, you will initially hear some strange bell-like tones which then progress to a collection of incoherent phrases before concluding with an answerphone tone.

However, what makes this unique is that after you end the call, you will receive a text message filled with random words and nonsensical sentences almost instantaneously.

Examples of these messages would look something like “Surprise steepest recurring landlord Mr. wandered amounted to.

“, or “Devonshire was continued, although it was discussed.” or even “Chapter to parties its letter no. Rose past oh shew ceiling is song neat” and “Happy, but whatever ladyship inclined of yet judgment.

Last response in opposition to ye months of no regard”. These numbers are often referred to as scary numbers due to their mysterious nature making them extremely difficult to track down and trace – making them perfect for prank calls!

8. 4 086 342 806

The infamous 4086342806 is a mysterious phone number that should never be called. Each time it’s dialled, there are dire consequences reportedly associated with it.

This number has become an urban legend that many believe is used to trace the geographical location of whoever calls or receives calls from it.

Some even refer to this as a “RED ROOM NUMBER,” leading others to speculate that calling this phone line could lead to abduction, torture, and perhaps even murder – all supposedly streamed live on the internet!

These frightening possibilities have earned the title of one of the most fearsome numbers around.

All in all, if you’re someone who loves risk-taking and rich thrilling experiences, then by all means go ahead and give the 4086342806 a call – but only if you dare!

9. 1 858 651 5050

Have you ever heard of the mysterious 1-858-651-5050? It might sound like an eerie number to dial, but it’s actually a phone line used for testing sound quality.

In days gone by, people would use the number to test their connection strength, uttering phrases so that the receiver could gauge clarity.

Nowadays it may be seen as more of a curiosity than anything else – and if you’re brave enough, why not get one of your friends to give it a call without warning them what they’ll hear?

10. 207 404-2604

Calling the number 1 (207) 404-2604 in the trailer for the remake of Carrie will send a chill down your spine.

The telephone service is said to hang up after one ring, then connects you to another number with three unique responses.

The first time picking up may result in hearing chilling screams, while a second response will be mysterious singing and the third occasion reveals someone whispering on the other end before disconnecting.

Despite being created as a tie-in game, this phone call experience offers an insight into something peculiar and unexplained much like Welcome to Night Vale or David Lynch’s work.

The eerie phone tree which can be reached by dialling 207-301-5797 provides information about Echo River under “the Bureau of Secret Tourism”.

Upon calling 5 at the first menu provided, curious minds will find themselves amidst strange yet peaceful audio experiences availed by creators Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy in their magical realism point-and-click adventure known as Kentucky Route Zero that have been releasing episodes since 2013; with episode 5 awaiting release in 2018.

For those who enjoy such qualities within media material or simply wish to make a scary prank call – these numbers are sure to keep them intrigued for hours!

11. 618 625 8313

The spooky number 618-625-8313 may be familiar to Stranger Things viewers. Belonging to Murray Bauman, the show’s resident conspiracy theorist played by Brett Gelman, dialling this number launches a cryptic voicemail recording with hints of what fans can expect in Season Four.

This phone line is still active despite its years of popularity amongst pop culture enthusiasts and provides an exciting Easter egg for Stranger Things fanatics as they await a new season.

This contrasts significantly with Carrie White’s 2012 phone number which has been out of service for many years now, or Mike Flanagan’s 2020 The Haunting of Bly Manor promotional line which was live only briefly before disconnecting – although sadly it had already ceased operation by the end of 2020.

Though this particular phone call isn’t outright scary, it does offer an intriguing sneak preview into the upcoming season and is thus one of many “scary numbers to call” ahead of release day!

12. 8287560109

This one sounds suspiciously like a haunted phone number. This phone number is located in MARION, NORTH CAROLINA, in McDowell County, approximately 85 miles west and slightly north of CHARLOTTE.

When you dial the number, you will hear obnoxious and blasting noises. Then you’ll hear a guy feverishly delivering what appears to be a binary message. When you transform this binary message into text, you obtain the word “death.”

This sounds particularly eerie since the message of death is given not just in a horrifying manner, but also artistically in binary code. You may share your experience with your social media connections and encourage others to check out the phone number as well!

Pro tip: This appears to only work in the United States. It fully deserves to be included on the list of scary phone numbers to dial. You’d rather be looking at amusing phone numbers to prank call, believe me.

13. 20202020

In the 1970s, if you were in the United Kingdom, dialling 20202020 from a pay phone could provide an unnerving experience.

Calling this mysterious number resulted in a woman’s monotone voice answering with either ‘Help me help me Susie’s drowning’ or ‘Help me help me Susie’s dying.’

Although there have been reports of those who dared call this ‘scary number’, nothing bad seemed to ever come of it.

Nevertheless, it certainly induced chills and left many questioning what exactly would’ve happened had they stayed on the line longer.

A prank call or not, 20202020 still remains one of the eeriest numbers to ever be associated with.

14. 701-347-1936

Calling 701-347-1936 is not for the faint of heart. This mysterious phone number is connected to the popular game, Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Whether it was posted by the gaming company or a devoted fan remains unknown; however, what we do know is that when dialed, it will respond with unsettling phrases such as “How are you?” and “I Will Kill You!”

So if you’re looking for a scary prank call or an adrenaline rush, this could be your destination – but tread carefully! It may not be supernatural, but it certainly has its fair share of spooks!

15. 978-435 0163

Calling 978-435 0163 may be a nerve-racking experience. As the phone call connects, the sound of a man’s desperate sobs fills your ears.

The muffled background noise is like water dripping through pipes or something scratching away at the walls of an underground chamber.

An unsettling silence follows when you hear nothing else on the line and it remains uncertain as to why anyone would make this ghastly recording in the first place.

Despite its unknown origin, one thing is for sure – dialling this number will give you goosebumps!

16. 12163331810: Daughter’s Desperate Plea

The mysterious number 12163331810 has been making headlines and sending chills down people’s spines since a USB stick with an MP3 file called 2332 was discovered in a toilet after a Nine Inch Nails concert.

At first, the file contained only the sound of crickets chirping but upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be more than what it appeared.

After undergoing spectrograph analysis, it turned out that hidden within the recording was a phone number.

Those brave enough to dial the digits were confronted with a harrowing call between an anguished mother and her daughter who had locked herself inside a storage closet and feared for her life due to gunshots and shouting echoing in the background.

Whether this was conceived as part of some elaborate marketing ploy or is genuinely real remains unknown but nonetheless, 12163331810 has become one of those scary numbers to prank call at your own risk.

17. Red Number: Pakistan

The “Red Number” case that originated in Pakistan had an incredible impact on its Muslim population.

In 2007, people throughout the nation began receiving emails and text messages warning them to avoid calls with red digits, citing a high-frequency range that could potentially cause lasting damage to human brain nerves and even death.

Although the Pakistani government performed an investigation and determined there was no scientific basis for the rumour, it took on a life of its own and spread not only across Pakistan but around the world as well.

In fact, many people still believe today that making or answering “scary numbers to prank call,” as they are often referred to, can have serious ramifications.

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