Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga


Yanga Sc, a football club headquartered in Jangwani Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, has established itself as one of the most popular clubs in the region due to its impressive performances on both domestic and regional stages.

The club currently plays in the Tanzanian Premier League, the highest level of football in the country. With millions of supporters across Tanzania and East Africa, Yanga Sc has gained a reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Yanga Sc’s success can be attributed to their talented players, who are considered some of the best in Africa. This has enabled the club to consistently perform at a high level and achieve impressive results.

In fact, Yanga Sc is more successful than any other club in the Tanzania Premier League, with its long-standing rivals, Simba Sports Club, following closely behind.

Yanga Sc is renowned for its attractive and entertaining style of football, which has endeared the club to many fans. The team is always willing to take risks and give their all to secure victories.

This passion and dedication have led to the club’s impressive track record of winning trophies. As a result of its success and reputation, Yanga Sc has been able to attract top-tier talent from across the continent.

The club’s commitment to offering competitive salaries to its players has further cemented its position as a desirable destination for footballers in East Africa.

Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga

If you’re curious about the salaries of Yanga Sc players for the 2022/2023 season, you may be surprised to learn that the club doesn’t publicly disclose this information nor do they have a set salary structure for all players. However, some sources have estimated the players’ salaries based on various factors.

It is known that Yanga Sc players receive a base salary and bonuses that are tied to their performance. Additionally, the club offers various incentives such as car and housing allowances, though it’s not guaranteed that players receive these allowances every month.

While the club has not officially released the salaries of its players, some sources have estimated their salaries. These figures are not official and are based on rumors and speculations that surface during the transfer period.

It’s important to note that these estimated figures may not accurately reflect the actual salaries of Yanga Sc players. The club’s policy of not publicly disclosing salaries, combined with the fluid nature of transfer negotiations, makes it difficult to determine exact figures.

Zawadi MauyaTanzania5.2Mil27
Djigui DiarraMilali7Mil27
Abuutwalib MusharyTanzania2.5Mil23
Erick Johola JohoraTanzania1.2Mil22
Abdallah ShaibuZanzibar1.5Mil23
Bakari MwanyetoTanzania5.1Mil26
Dickson JobTanzania3.4Mil21
David BrysonTanzania1Mil20
Djuma ShabaniDR Congo8.1Mil29
Ally Kibwana ShomariTanzania1.7Mil21
Yannick BangalaDR Congo9Mil28
Khalid AuchoUganda9Mil29
Salum Abubakar SalumTanzania2.3Mil33
Gaël BigirimanaBurundi6.2Mil28
Feisal SalumTanzania4Mil24
Salum TelelaTanzania30
Stephane Aziz KiBurkina Faso22.4Mil26
Denis NkaneTanzania1.1Mil18
Faridi MussaTanzania2.5Mil26
Dickson AmbundoTanzania1.3Mil26
Heritier MakamboDR Congo10Mil28
Tuisila KisindaDR Congo9.1Mil22
Bernard MorrisonGhana19.2Mil29
Ducapel MololokoDR Congo7Mil24
Lazarous KamlboleZaMilbia4.1Mil28
Fiston MayeleDR Congo16Mil28