DSTV Decoder

DSTV Decoder Prices in Tanzania: Expect the mention of DSTV while you’re in the middle of a debate about cable TVs in Tanzania for all the correct reasons.

From the time Multichoice was founded in 1993 to the time it came into the Tanzanian market in the 2000s, and during the periods they reigned and positively transformed the face of cable TV in the country, it has always been clear that DSTV is here to stay.

When it comes to excellent channels, entertainment, and information, DSTV has it all, and then some.

DTSV was not the first cable television station in Tanzania, nor will it be the last, but the brand has created a legacy that will last a lifetime.
The visual quality, the vast choice of channels, the exposure to world events, and a slew of other wonderful features combine to make this one of the best cable TVs, and maybe the widest in Africa.

Their networks feature sports from all over the world, including live champions league matches, premier league matches, and other major European league fixtures. They also have a large number of music channels, educational channels, movie channels, children’s channels, and other channels.

When it comes to cable TVs in Tanzania, DSTV has the most customers. They have the most channels and provide the most customizable subscription choices and rates. With DSTV, everything is simple.

They come in six varieties: the DStv Poa Package: 40+ channels, DStv Access package: 118 channels, the DStv Family: 141 channels, DStv Compact Package: 165 channels, DStv Compact Plus Package: 174 channels and the DStv Premium Package: 191 channels each with its own set of features and controls.

In this piece, we’ll look at how much different DSTV Decoders cost on the market. We’ll also look at the various plans offered on the site and how much they cost.

Prices of DSTV decoders in Tanzania

DSTV is perhaps the most popular cable television service in Tanzania. You may anticipate them to be among the finest in the country due to their high-quality channels, beautiful subscription options, and generally stable signal.

They are offered in a variety of plans and at various costs. The main distinction between these plans is the number of channels available.

  • DSTV Decoder (without installation): Tsh. 79, 000 – Tsh. 120,000
  • DSTV Decoder (with installation): Tsh. 99, 000 – Tsh. 140,000

It should be noted that pricing variations are caused by a number of factors, including the location and time of purchase, the kind of decoder, and other relevant considerations. It should also be mentioned that the installation fee often ranges between Tsh. 20,000 and Tsh. 50,000.

The installation of DSTV is one of its drawbacks. It is typically necessary to hire a professional to place the dish in such a way that it faces where the signal is strongest.

DSTV Packages and Prices in Tanzania

Now that we know how much DSTV decoders cost, we must evaluate the various packages and plans offered on the site. The DSTV subscription has been made flexible in order to suit people of all different backgrounds. Consider the many DSTV bundles available.

1. DStv Poa Package – 40+ channels

The price for one month of DStv Poa in Tanzania is TZS 9,900 It has 40+ channels. The DStv Poa package plan is the cheapest that’s available to subscribers which costs TZS 9,900.

It is suitable for students or the elderly who are only interested in listening to local news on Channels television or seeing the latest music videos on the sound city.

This plan is an entry-level plan and as such missing many premium DStv channels. Its selling point is local news, Nat Geo Wild, minor entertainment, religion, and music videos. With this DSTV Package, you’ll be able to watch some EPL matches, La Liga and Serie A.

Price: TZS 9,900 per month

2. DStv Access package: 80+ channels

With just TZS 21,900, viewers have access to over 80+ top-notch local and international channels. The price for one month of DStv Access in Tanzania is TZS 21,900. It has 118 channels.

The DStv Access Package is the introductory package to the DStv family, designed to offer choice and value for money. DStv Access introduces an exciting viewing experience with a variety of channels from Movies & Entertainment, News & Commerce to Culture Religion, and Lifestyle.

Price: TZS 21,900 per month

3. DStv Family: 141 channels

The price for one month of DStv Family in Tanzania is TZS 31,000. It has 141 channels.

This is the next grade after the DSTV access package. This package is basically designed with the family in mind. This package gives you access to over 55 local and international channels which include CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Euro News, ESPN Classic, Mnet series, Cartoon Network, and so on.

It also includes all the channels available for Access and Poa Packages. The package also gives you access to all the 24 audio services available on the network. The audio channels include popular radio channels like Voice of America, Wasafi FM, Ray Power, and so on.

Price: TZS 31,000 per month

4. DStv Compact Package: 130+ channels

The price for one month of DStv Compact in Tanzania is TZS 51,000. It has 130+ channels. The Compact package gives viewers access to all the channels available on the DSTV Family package plus additional sports channels.

This package is particularly suiting for sports lovers. The package gives viewers access to over 60 local and international channels including BBC World, MNET Action, ESPN Sport, SuperSport 10, Sony Entertainment, and so on. It should be noted that this package is also not available on HD decoders.

Price: TZS 51,000 per month

5. DStv Compact Plus Package: 140+ channels

The price for one month of DStv Compact Plus in Tanzania is TZS 93,000. It has 140+ channels. There is just a slight difference between DSTV Compact and Compact Plus, but definitely not in price.

Compact Plus offers more channels, most of which are sports channels. It includes SuperSports 7 and 10. Subscribers to this package will be able to watch most of the English Premier League games as well as other live sports like the French League, Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga as well as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing, and motorsport.

Price: TZS 93,000 per month

6. DStv Premium Package: 150+ channels

The price for one month of DStv Premium in Tanzania is TZS 145,000. It has 150+ channels.

DStv Premium combines the best entertainment from around the globe with groundbreaking technology to provide a truly premium viewing experience. DStv Premium prides itself on offering the widest variety of on-screen entertainment in Africa. With more than 100 world-class television channels and 30 CD-quality audio channels on the menu, you’ll have all the live sports coverage latest news top documentaries non-stop movies series kids’ programming.

Price: TZS 145,000 per month

Things You Will Like About DSTV

  • DSTV has a flexible subscription rate.
  • Cable TV has lots of local and international channels.
  • Subscriptions are available in various packages for convenience.
  • The channels cover various spheres.

Things You May Not Like About DSTV

  • There are huge differences between the various packages available.
  • Installation can be difficult compared to other cable TVs.