Top 10 Biggest Malls in South Africa

Fourways Mall is the biggest shopping center in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg, the mall has 100,000m² with over 750 stores and restaurants including many international brands. It offers unparalleled retail opportunities and dining options in an unforgettable setting.

South Africa is well-known for its vibrant cultural diversity and bustling retail sector.

Home to some of the largest shopping malls in the world, it caters to an array of customers through its exceptional variety of stores, restaurants, cinemas, and other entertainment options.

These sprawling malls provide an exciting day out for locals and tourists alike – from international brands at high-end boutiques to traditional African markets offering locally produced goods.

To help you make the most of your next shopping spree, here is our guide to ten of South Africa’s biggest malls.

From their huge number of retail outlets to their expansive land area, these complexes offer everything you need for a truly remarkable experience.

As well as plenty of opportunities for browsing top brands and indulging in delicious cuisine, they also boast a range of activities including games arcades, movie theatres, and even theme parks.

So come explore some of South Africa’s finest retail destinations; get lost among thousands of products or book tickets to an unforgettable night at the movies!

What Are the Biggest Shopping Malls in South Africa?

1. Fourways Mall

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Fourways Mall is a colossal shopping haven located in the suburb of Fourways, Johannesburg. Boasting over 750 shops, services and restaurants on a single level, it is currently the largest mall in South Africa.

Customers can find everything from their favourite international brands to local chains such as Game and Edgars – not forgetting the excellent dining opportunities put together for them by the bustling food court.

In 2009, the size of this centre was further augmented when it underwent an expansion project that added another 100,000m² into its retail space – making it one of the most expansive malls across Gauteng Province and all throughout South Africa!

2. Menlyn Park Shopping Centre

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre has been a South African institution for over 25 years. Since 1987, the once humble mall underwent an extensive renovation in 2004 to become one of the most state-of-the-art retail and entertainment complexes in the entire country.

Spanning across an area close to Menlyn Train Station near Pretoria and Johannesburg, this sprawling shopping destination offers more than 500 shops, eateries, activities and attractions that include arcades, bowling alleys and cinemas – all within easy reach of public transport systems such as trains or buses via its location along the N12 highway.

3. Gateway Theatre of Shopping

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The Gateway Theatre Of Shopping is one of the premier shopping destinations in South Africa, boasting an expansive selection of retail and dining options.

With many popular stores like Game, Spar and Woolworths alongside more niche outlets including CNA, shoppers can find exactly what they are looking for all under one roof.

To make anyone’s visit easier and more convenient, this impressive shopping mall offers up 1,400 parking bays across three storeys with easy lift and stairwell access to each level.

Not only does it provide a great shopping experience but there are also numerous restaurants to choose from too, such as KFC, Wimpy, Nando’s and Pizza Hut along with a McDonald’s outlet.

Whatever you’re after – be it fashion, food or fun – the Gateway Theatre Of Shopping has all that you need!

4. Canal Walk

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Situated in the bustling Century City area, Canal Walk Shopping Centre is a premier shopping destination for visitors and locals alike.

Boasting over 400 stores and thousands of global brands, it’s no wonder why this mall is considered to be one of Cape Town’s largest retail destinations.

With seven thousand parking spaces and twelve easy-access entrances, this complex offers the ideal combination of convenience and variety.

Featuring a rich portfolio comprising some of the world’s most sought-after designer labels as well as everything from fashion to leisure pursuits, there’s something for everyone at Canal Walk.

You can even enjoy an evening out with a 4K movie experience or satisfy your cravings with its wide selection of eateries offering vegan options.

Owned by Hyprop Investments along with Ellerine Bros., Canal Walk invites you to explore all that South African style has to offer!

5. Sandton City Mall


Sandton City Mall is the epicentre of shopping and entertainment in Johannesburg. Since its grand opening in 1990, the largest shopping mall in South Africa’s most populous city has been a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

After undergoing renovation in 2008 to upgrade amenities and provide shoppers with an experience rather than just a place to purchase goods, the mall now boasts an impressive selection of high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Cartier as well as premier South African chains such as Truworths and Woolworths.

Besides offering customers variety, Sandton City Mall also provides recreation areas including several large cinemas where movie-goers can watch blockbusters on their first day released at discounted prices.

With something for everyone, it’s no wonder why Sandton City Mall remains one of Johannesburg’s most beloved attractions.

6. Eastgate Shopping Centre

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Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg is Africa’s largest and most popular shopping destination.

Boasting over 300 stores, it offers something for any shopper looking for a wide range of products, services and experiences.

Eastgate offers everything from department stores to restaurants and leisure activities that the whole family can enjoy – perfect for a day out!

With friendly Customer Service representatives on hand to answer queries, free Wi-Fi access throughout the mall, wheelchair accessibility and fully equipped restrooms – Eastgate ensures you get the best possible experience every time you visit.

The mall is open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm, Fridays from 9 am to 9 pm, Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm as well as public holidays during these times.

So if you craving some retail therapy or just looking for a fun day out with friends and family, why not head down to Eastgate Shopping Centre – South Africa’s biggest mall?

7. Mall Of Africa

hero mall of africa

The Mall of Africa is the largest shopping destination in South Africa, boasting an impressive 130 000m2 of retail space. It is situated in the picturesque Waterfall City and stands out for its unique architectural design.

Built to reflect the captivating landscapes that are characteristic of African scenery, the Mall of Africa has gained widespread recognition for its eye-catching structure.

The interior offers a vast array of options with over 300 businesses ranging from domestic brands to international labels including Zara Home, Armani Exchange, H&M, and Versace.

To ensure comfortable and convenient shopping experiences for all visitors, each section of the Mall has been expertly labelled as courts.

Additionally, customers can enjoy easy access and visibility thanks to its strategic location within Waterfall City.

The Mall of Africa is not only South Africa’s biggest single-phase mall but also provides superb customer service with clear navigational paths through distinct court sections as well as iconic stores such as those mentioned above; establishing it firmly as one of the biggest malls in South Africa!

8. The Pavilion Shopping Centre

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The Pavilion Mall in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal is another biggest mall in South Africa. The mall was constructed by Murray and Roberts back in 1993, with a total space of 75,000 square meters.

Since then it has gone through multiple renovation and expansion projects with the most recent occurring in 2014 when it reached 135,000 square meters.

Pavilion Mall is known for its impressive European architecture. Inside the mall, you will find 255 stores catering to domestic as well as foreign customers.

There are 40 restaurants including fine dining, fast food, coffee shops and other eateries that span across different cuisines.

The facility also incorporates 17 entrances leading to 2901 parking bays consisting of both free and paid parking spots; where pensioners can enjoy complimentary parking services.

Thriving under Pareto’s ownership since 1993; Pavilion Mall provides an alluring shopping experience full of possibilities.

9. Centurion Mall

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Centurion Mall is one of the biggest malls in South Africa, located in Centurion, Gauteng – halfway between Pretoria and Midrand.

The impressive open-air shopping complex has over 200 stores, including fashion merchants and homeware stores at the upper level of the Pavilion as well as a selection of restaurants and cafés to choose from.

The building itself is eye-catching; at the main entrance lies an impressive fashion spine set against lush green plants which create an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

With so many incredible shops, it’s no wonder people flock to this bustling mall with ease.

Not only that but they are also provided with world-class entertainment by Ster Kinekor cinema where you can watch classic movies or even some new releases right on your doorstep.

10. Westgate Shopping Centre

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Westgate Super Regional Shopping Centre is the biggest mall in South Africa, boasting a wide range of retail options from big-name retailers and local entrepreneurs.

With its intuitive design, newly refurbished lower level and helpful amenities like an information kiosk, gift cards, store directories, wheelchairs and spacious bathrooms for males, females and disabled visitors – even baby change rooms for toddlers – Westgate makes shopping an easy yet enjoyable experience for individuals or groups alike.

From world-class services to provide customers help wherever needed to comfortable seating areas where shoppers can relax between stores; Westgate offers visitors everything they need before or during their shopping expedition into the biggest mall in South Africa.


Despite the fact that South Africa boasts a plethora of large shopping malls, Some are larger than others in various locations.

We took the time in this post to investigate some of the country’s biggest malls, and you will most certainly have a fantastic shopping experience if you visit any of them.

One significant advantage is that a huge portion of them offer excellent customer service since they are educated to make you want to return.

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