The 10 Best Fridges in South Africa

Having a reliable refrigerator in your household is of utmost importance. Not only will it keep your food fresher for longer but you can also chill drinks on hot days.

With the thousands of refrigerators available in South Africa, narrowing down the best ones and their prices can be tricky.

Worry not, as this list takes into account all aspects including warranty duration, power consumption and noise ability depending on which model you choose from.

There are different types of fridges to choose from that including deep freezer models, single-door fridges, double-door fridges mini and bedside/tabletop refrigerators along with beverage coolers.

For each type mentioned above, we have included pros and cons that make it easier to make an informed decision when buying a refrigerator in South Africa that suits your needs perfectly within your budget.

Best Fridges in South Africa

1. KIC 314L Bottom Fridge/Freezer

silo MIN 361865 EAC large

This KIC two-door refrigerator features an impressive 314-litre net capacity, making it ideal for larger households.

What’s more, this model stands out amongst other refrigerators in the market due to its remarkable whisper-quiet operation (41 decibels).

Additionally, this appliance is equipped with a range of features that guarantee efficient performance and longevity such as voltage stability and a Bacteria Stop 3L tank.

With an A energy rating meaning low electricity consumption (358 kWh annually), an anti-fungal door gasket and a turbo nozzle included; you can be sure you are investing in a quality product which comes with a 2-year service guarantee.

2. LG 374L Silver Bottom Freezer

silo MIN 440027 EAC large

The LG 374L Silver Bottom Freezer (GC-B459NLHZ) is the perfect mid-range refrigerator for precise temperature control with an Energy Efficiency Class of A++ and Annual Energy Consumption of only 256 kWh/year.

Boasting a 4 Star rating in the freezer, this premium feeling and high-end looking fridge feature patented DoorCooling+ technology for ultra-fast cooling and two specialized compartmentsᅳFresh Balancer for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, and Fresh Converter for regulating optimal temperatures depending on food type.

It also comes with a 10 Year Warranty On Linear Compressor to ensure peace of mind.

For those looking for something a bit cheaper, consider Midea 295L Combi Fridge (HD-400WEN(D)-W1) or LG 301L Frost Free Fridge/Freezer (GC-F369NLJM).

Both come with water dispensers at a more affordable price tag.

3. Samsung 501 Side-by-Side Frost Free Fridge

silo MIN 362869 EAA large

The Samsung 501 refrigerator offers energy-efficient features that will help you save on your utility bills while also making a stylish, contemporary statement in any space.

Measuring 67.2 centimetres wide by 91.2cm deep and 178.9 centimetres high, this model provides 501 litres of storage capacity with A-rated energy consumption at 409 kWh annually for maximum savings.

Plus, it boasts advanced NoFrost and MultiFlow technology for all-around cooling without the need for tedious manual defrosting and is backed by a 10-year warranty to ensure lasting performance and peace of mind.

4. Defy 323L C425 Combi Fridge/Freezer

silo MIN 372944 EAA large

The Defy 323L C425 fridge/freezer combination is a practical, cost-effective way to store all your groceries.

This A+ energy-rated appliance has an impressive 425-litre capacity which offers plenty of storage space for food and drinks.

Plus, the bottom drawer freezer section gives you extra room for frozen items.

It also features a water dispenser, LED Illumination and auto-defrost technology to make life easier in the kitchen.

Not only that but it comes with an antibacterial door seal to help keep your food fresher for longer and a three-year warranty so you can have peace of mind when making this purchase!

5. Whirlpool 357L Inox Full Fridge

silo MIN 368975 EAA large

The Whirlpool 357 is an upright refrigerator that offers exceptional humidity control and energy-saving capability at an affordable price.

It boasts a net capacity of 357 litres, making it suitable for larger families or those who often entertain guests.

This model comes with a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer and features “6th Sense” technology, which automatically adjusts cooling capabilities to maintain ideal temperature levels and prevent spoilage or food freeze.

Additionally, this fridge includes a fast cooling switch that cools contents down rapidly while using less energy.

The appliance measures 59.5 cm (L) x 63 cm (W), x 187.5 cm (H) in dimension, earning an A Energy Rating for its low electricity consumption of just 351 kWh/annum on average!

6. LG 601L Side-by-Side Frost-Free Fridge


LG 601L Side-by-Side is a top-of-the-line refrigerator that offers numerous features to keep you up to date with smart home appliances.

With an impressive capacity of 601 litres, it is perfect for larger households or those who frequently entertain guests.

This state-of-the-art fridge boasts a double-layered door system which allows emissions of cold air to be prevented, thus contributing to energy conservation and making it one of the most efficient fridges in its class at an Energy Efficiency Class A with an Annual Energy Consumption rate of only 419 kWh/year.

Added convenience comes from its 4-star freezer compartment rating as well as the touch button panel that enables easy access when searching for your favourite snacks.

Furthermore, this model is powered by LG’s highly acclaimed Inverter Linear Compressor which produces a 39 dB noise level while consuming 32% less energy than standard models – all backed by an extended 10-year warranty.

Additionally, this unique design includes specialized compartments such as Moist Balance Crisper where fruits and vegetables are stored perfectly for maximum freshness.

7. Hisense 536L Frost-Free French Door Fridge

silo MIN 377160 EAA large

The Hisense 536L refrigerator is an ideal choice for cost-conscious shoppers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Its A+ energy class rating maximizes energy efficiency and allows users to save money on their yearly electricity bills.

Additionally, the freezer compartment offers three levels of storage space that can accommodate a wide variety of food items such as cooked meals, frozen items, and ice cream.

This model also features Multi-Airflow technology which ensures even cooling throughout the fridge’s interior, removable shelves for added convenience, a cooldrink can rack for easy access to favourite drinks, and various modes for different temperatures.

What’s more? It comes with a 3-year warranty for extra peace of mind!

8. Defy 348 Bottom Fridge/Freezer

silo MIN 372945 EAA large

The Defy 60cm Combi Fridge is a great fridge option for homes with limited space.

Its sleek metallic satin finish gives it a modern and sophisticated look, while its energy-saving capabilities help you save on your electricity bill.

It also features an automatic defrost system that keeps the temperature consistent and makes maintenance easy.

The model number is DAC645 and it has a net capacity of 348 litres, making it perfect for medium-sized households.

Dimensionally, this fridge measures 60 cm in length, 65 cm in width, and 185cm in height.

To ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, the product comes with a three-year service guarantee.

Furthermore, there are additional features like water dispensers which make the experience even more convenient.

However, some users may find that this product lacks extra features to justify its price tag or that energy consumption information isn’t readily available from the manual itself (although it does have a four-star freezer).

9. Bosch 619 Frost-Free Combination Fridge

silo MIN 373071 EAB large

The Bosch KGN86AI30Z is an innovative 619-litre fridge/freezer combo that offers ultimate flexibility with EasyAccess retractable shelves.

The appliance also eliminates the need for defrosting, saving you time and effort.

It features a stylish anti-fingerprint steel exterior, a basic touch control panel, VitaFresh Plus technology to ensure improved food preservation and an efficient SuperCooling / SuperFreezing system.

With its low noise level and energy efficiency rating at A++, this model boasts an annual energy consumption of 378 kWh – making it cheaper to run than some other models on the market.

Since it’s relatively large in size (measuring 81cm x 86cm x 186cm) and weighty, installation can be somewhat tricky but manageable with two people involved.

This fridge freezer offers great storage volume so you can store a variety of frozen goods as well as fresh food products with ease – plus enjoy a 3-year guarantee service promise from Bosch!

10. Bosch 324 Upright All-Fridge

silo MIN 374220 EAA large

The Bosch 324 Upright All-Fridge is ideal for those who need plenty of storage space.

It boasts a net capacity of 324L and LED lights that make it easier to see what’s inside.

Additionally, the fridge has an anti-fingerprint coating, ensuring it stays clean and free from fingerprints.

As a result, it is one of the most energy-efficient fridges on the market with an A+++ rating and an annual energy consumption rate of only 111 kWh.

Further features include Auto Cyclonic Action for optimised air circulation; Supercool function; auto defrost; pull-out shelves for quick load/unloading; and a 3-year warranty as standard.

This model doesn’t come with a freezer compartment which could be seen as a disadvantage by some consumers but its benefits may outweigh this limitation in terms of excellent energy efficiency and large capacity available at an affordable price point.

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